5 Things to Check Before Hiring a Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider

The popularity of WordPress websites is well known, and is not without reason. It is very easy to manage the WordPress platform. The platform can be availed entirely for free, although you have to purchase any of the WordPress hosting packages to create the blogs and websites that can help you to get good revenue each month. As a smart blogger or website owner, you would always like to opt for a cheap WordPress hosting service provider. Here are 5 things that you should check before hiring such as provider.

Amount of memory

Find out about the amount of disk space that you will be allotted. If you plan to add many content pages to your blog, with plenty of documents such as videos, audio files and presentations, you will need a high bandwidth every month for your blog at minimal costs. Over time, you will add more posts to your blogs and more disk space will ensure that you will not have to encounter any memory limitations.


It is also important to check whether the WordPress website hosting is a secure one, so that your blogs or websites can stay safe from hacker intrusions and malware attacks, as well as unnecessary emails. The hosting agency should also allow you the chance to update to higher versions of WordPress whenever needed.


WordPress is highly user friendly and arrives with a wide variety of amazing features that can make work easier for bloggers and webmasters. However, you should also ask about the types of features that you will get along with the package. Check whether the agency will offer a wide variety of apps and plugins to be integrated to your website or blog. Find out whether you will also be given a personalized email account for communicating with other bloggers or webmasters in a professional way.


Cheap hosting service providers are usually associated with downtime. Ensure that you can get as much as 98 – 99% uptime for your blogs or websites. The service provider should allow a high uptime.


You have to ask about the cost of WordPress hosting offered. Keep in mind that the higher the bandwidth and the more the number of websites that you wish to host, the higher will be the charges that you need to pay. Call up customer support staffs of various hosting providers and request free quotes from them. Compare the quotes to select one with the lowest rates and the most number of features.

How to Hire the Best Web Design Company for Developing the Websites

With the rise of the demand of competent web designers in the market, there are many web designing companies, who offer extensive services in web design and SEO development of the websites of their clients. Hence, it is often difficult to choose the really good ones among all these website designer companies, on whom the client can depend, regarding the future prospect of the website of his company. But there are some specific factors, by which the competence of these companies can be ascertained.

Competence in SEO development – Besides the creation of attractive web design, a website also needs sufficient search engine optimization, for enhancing the ranking in the major search engines, which is a basic criterion for success in ecommerce. Hence, the clients need to hire only those web designing companies, which also offer to increase the SEO ranking of their clients’ websites. After all, no website can be successful without a higher rank in search engines, in spite of being designed in lucrative manner.

Customized web design – The chosen web designing company should be able to provide a customized design for the website of the client, so that this site seems to be unique to the visitors, among all other websites of the same industry. Moreover, the design of the website should be able to depict the nature of the website and explain the web content in a visualized manner; so that the users find it easier to understand about the products of this company and feel attracted to buy them.

Uses of latest web coding – The team of the hired web designing company needs to be well versed with the latest technology that is used in web designing. They should know about the coding that will make the website easier to access and navigate for the users. Moreover, the professionals of this hired company should be able to update the website of their client, according to the latest updates in the field of web technology, so that the visitors do not consider the site to be outdated. The website that is created with responsive web design can only be user friendly, resulting in drawing more traffic to the site.

Allows self control – The web designers should design the website in such a way that will allow the owner to update the web content and add new images, without calling the professional designers for help every time. So the client needs to be assured of this factor from the hired web designing company, for his future benefit.

Five Essential Features Of A Website

fdggtIt is crucial for every business to have a well-developed website design because it will allow you connect with your customers all over the world. Designing an appealing website needs experience, it is, therefore, good to hire a qualified person to do it for you. A good website should have features that will capture the attention of your customers, making them visit your page and see what you are offering. Follow me through as we discuss some of the features to consider when doing a website design.

1) A domain name.

A domain name is an important aspect on a website design. A name is a part of your network address used to identify one or more IP address, which you will give it that will attract customers to your page. Use easy words that the clients can remember but at least include one keyword; this can be a name of your business.

2) Valuable business information.

The contents that you include on your website will help to retain on your site. When doing a website design, create content that will help you to keep your clients on your page, make sure the name of your business is there, your location and your contacts. Your website will be incomplete if you do not include the right contents on it.

3) Design.

You need a clean and beautiful design that is appealing to your customers. It should be clear and easy to read. A well-designed site will attract people to your site and will encourage them to come back to your site.

4) Security.

With the rising cases of hackers, accessing and destroy the integrity of your site, it is important to have an additional security to protect your information and that of your customer. Make sure as you design your website; your site is protected by adding SSL certificates on your site.

5) Web Hosting Company.

Find a reliable hosting company for your website, that will provide storage for your files on its servers, deliver them to your customer’s browsers when they visit your site.

Bottom Line.

There are several other factors to put into consideration when doing a website design. Other than attracting traffic to your site; an excellent website will act as a marketing tool for your business. Therefore, if you are looking to your company’s website, read through this article, you will get tips to help you to ensure your site has tools that you require to excel in your business.